Our Approach

We believe nutrition is the foundation for optimal health.  Proper nutrition puts the body back into balance.  Many conditions and disease states can be improved or completely reversed when you provide your body with the nutrients it needs to heal.  Your body will respond with increased energy, easily release weight, and relax into a restful night’s sleep.

Our Story

Ryan and Rachael share a passion of discovering the power of food as medicine and natural ways to heal the body.  Ryan discovered the WildFit Challenge and transformed his relationship with food forever.  He lost over 30 pounds during the challenge, stopped snoring, and got rid of his allergies.  Continuing the WildFit lifestyle he has released an additional 47 pounds.  He was so inspired by his results he decided to become a WildFit coach to share all of the benefits with others. Rachael also had many wins as a result of the WildFit Challenge.  Even though weight release wasn’t one of her health concerns, she has more energy, lower body fat, and no allergies. Farmacy Counter was created to share all of the benefits of improved nutrition and to offer the WildFit Challenge to help others achieve optimum health.

Meet the Team

Ryan and Rachael studied pharmacy because they want to help others and serve the community.  Now after practicing pharmacy for 20 years we take a functional medicine approach to health and wellness.  We would love to support you in achieving your health goals.

Dr. Ryan Wagner, PharmD RPh

Dr. Ryan Wagner, Certified WildFit Health Coach and Founder of Farmacy Counter
Founder & CEO

Practicing pharmacy he discovered that education on nutrition was the key piece missing from healthcare.


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