Lifebook Premium




Ready to design your dream life? Join Dr. Ryan for an unforgettable journey.

Lifebook is a transformational lifestyle design system that empowers you to ENVISION, PLAN, and ACHIEVE your very best life (on your own terms).

Through an intuitive step-by-step process, you’ll discover who you really are and what you want in all 12 dimensions of your life – and design a personal action plan to make it happen.

Start Your Premium Lifebook Experience Now

Here’s everything you’ll get:

  • Lifebook 12 Category Training Videos: guiding you through every step of the Lifebook process
  • Lifebook 12 Category Templates: beautifully designed editable templates in .doc .pages .pdf format
  • Lifebook App (Apple or Android) to learn on the go + desktop and tablet version
  • Lifetime Access to the Entire Program
  • Weekly Live Group Sessions
  • During the program Dr. Ryan  will guide you through this journey together with a group of amazing people sharing the same goals to live a life of meaning, balance and collect tools for you to use in everyday life.
  • Bonus: 30 Minute Strategy Session with Dr. Ryan
  • Bonus: Graduation Party
  • Private Group Chat

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