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Dr. Ryan Wagner

Is it time to Reset your Relationship with Sugar?
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WildFit Coach Dr. Ryan Wagner

Start Your WILDFIT Journey with Dr. Wagner as Your Guide.

Functional Medicine Practitioner, Dr. Ryan Wagner, received his WILDFIT coaching certification from WILDFIT founder Eric Edmedes and his team.  As your coach and accountability partner, Dr. Wagner will guide you in obtaining your vision of health and tailor the program to fit your needs. 

What changes will you see after starting the WILDFIT 14 Day Reset?

Are you tired of Feeling

Powerless over Sugar?

Are you confused about what to eat and about what is actually healthy?   Do you not eat the way you want because it feels like your cravings control you?  Are you tired of using food to comfort stressful emotions?  

Who wouldn’t be fed up with these scenarios?

But wait a minute...

You are not alone.  Millions of people around the world struggle everyday with their weight, energy levels, and overall wellbeing.  We understand that you are frustrated and we are here to guide you.

What if feeling your best is easier than you think???

The WILDFIT 14 Day Reset is Designed To Do Just This.

Reset your body and change your relationship with sugar, Forever.

Is it Time to reset your Relationship with Sugar?

I know it's Possible, because I've done it.

For over a decade I struggled with my weight.  I always had horrible allergies and numerous colds throughout the year.  If there was a fad diet or exercise program, I tried it.  None of this created permanent change.  The weight gain always came back and more. I always felt tired and I was 100 pounds overweight.  This was my tipping point and I was not going to take this anymore. I became inspired to start taking care of myself.  So, I went on a quest to transform my life – to feel my very best and help others do the same.

WILDFIT Is a Game Changer

Participants of the WILDFIT 14 Day Reset achieve mind-blowing insight into something they have struggled with for years.  

They realize that many of the diet strategies they have used to lose weight have been the exact reason their emotional eating has gotten worse year after year, pound after pound.  

If you want to learn how to release extra weight, increase your energy, and improve your health, the WILDFIT 14 Day Reset is right for you.

Why I became a


“Living the WILDFIT lifestyle has been such a blessing in my life. I have boundless energy and I sleep soundly. No more snoring! I no longer have cravings and I don’t need caffeine to get me through my day. My overall health has improved and my doctor has given me praise. May lab work came back with normal cholesterol numbers. I feel totally transformed and it’s such a joy to see the transformation that happens with my clients.”

Now I want to share this life-changing experience with you.

I want you to be able to bring your grandest, healthiest self to the world. The WILDFIT 14 Day Reset is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, and the support, care, and coaching are unparalleled!

There are countless inspiring stories from people that got their lives back - they're feeling fantastic and you can, too!​

The Results Speak for Themselves

After just 14 days, people feel lighter, fully nourished and empowered. 

"I enjoyed the reset because I learned how to shift my mindset around food. My relationship with food has totally changed. I feel so empowered!
"Ryan is very knowledgeable and helped me learn how food impacts my health." I learned so much about what was causing my sugar cravings.

What You Get With The WILDFIT 14 Day Reset

Private FaceBook Group
Online Community

Connect with other participants for fun and support.

Success Fist bump
Group Coaching

Twice Weekly Live Calls with Dr. Ryan. Recorded for later viewing.

Contact Farmacy Counter on the web, email, or phone
Online Access

Acesss course materials on your computer, tablet or mobile device.

Plus, You'll get Four Bonuses
That's a $466 Value for only $27! 94%OFF

WILDFIT Holiday Cookbook

Enjoy simple and delicious WILDFIT friendly recipes this holiday season.


WILDFIT Reset Workbook

Workbook includes daily checklists, journal prompts and insights to make the Reset a breeze.


Meal Planner Template

Plan for success with this printable meal planner. 


Bonus: Vitamin D Evaluation

Vitamin D levels are critical for health and immune system strength. Receive personalized guidance to optimize your Vitamin D level. 

VALUE $197

Choose a Start Date and Join the Fun

WILDFIT 14 Day Reset

February 6th, 2023
$ 27 Single Payment
  • Personalized WILDFIT Laser Coaching for 14 Days
  • Over 5 Hours of Live Video Coaching
  • Lifetime Access to WILDFIT Membership Site
  • 10 Video Modules by Eric Edmeades
  • Bonus: WILDFIT Snack Pack Recipes
  • Bonus: WILDFIT Reset Workbook
  • Bonus: Meal Planner Template
  • Bonus: Vitamin D Evaluation
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