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Here is what the Epic Personalized "WILDFIT Bundle" includes:

WildFit 90 Day Challenge

The WILDFIT 90 Challenge takes you on a 3 month journey of self discovery and personal growth while you learn powerful tools to help you transform your relationship with food forever.

Farmacy Counter WildFit Challenge

Imagine the Possibilities

Envision not only achieving, but exceeding your health goals, from weight loss and increased energy, to improved digestion, sex drive and enhanced mental clarity. This journey extends beyond physical wellbeing, fostering emotional resilience and a profound sense of self-belief. By committing to the WildFit 90-Day Challenge, you’re investing in a healthier, happier, and more vibrant version of yourself.

The WILDFIT Bonus Bundle Includes:

Bonus #1 Weekly Live Sessions with Dr. Ryan

You also get the exclusive benefit of private sessions with Dr. Ryan. These interactive sessions offer a platform for real-time questions and answers, giving you direct access to expert advice and guidance. They also serve as a source of accountability, reinforcing your commitment to your health goals. Dr. Ryan offers valuable support, as well as tips and tricks tailored specifically to your journey. These check-ins are an invaluable resource in your WildFit journey, helping you stay on track, overcome obstacles, and achieve your health and wellness goals.

WildFit Group Coaching
WildFit Cooking Demos

Bonus #2 Cooking Demos

Simplify your WILDFIT journey in the kitchen with our exclusive bonus videos! No more struggling or feeling overwhelmed when it comes to cooking. These video sessions are designed to make your food preparation easier and more enjoyable. These videos will guide you through each step,  providing valuable tips and tricks along the way. Experience the convenience of having an “easy button” for your WILDFIT meals, empowering you to effortlessly create nourishing dishes that align with your wellness goals. Let these videos be your ultimate resource for making your WILDFIT journey a breeze in the kitchen!


Bonus #3 Weekly Recipes

Embark on a culinary adventure that perfectly complements your WILDFIT journey with our Bonus Weekly Recipes! Immerse yourself in the world of exciting and nutritious dishes, carefully curated to align with your health goals. Discover a diverse array of ingredients and flavors that will keep your meals fresh, enjoyable, and in sync with your WILDFIT experience. Each recipe is thoughtfully crafted to add a touch of delight to your dining experience, as you explore vibrant spices and tantalizing combinations from around the globe. Let these recipes become an integral part of your transformative and flavorful wellness adventure.

Weekly Recipes
Next Level Workshop

Bonus #4 Next Level Workshop

Take your WILDFIT results to new heights with our exclusive Bonus Next Level Workshop! Led by Dr. Ryan, this workshop is designed to supercharge your progress even after completing the Challenge. Keep up your momentum – join Dr. Ryan and learn how to break through plateaus, overcome obstacles, and create a solid plan to take your results to the next level. Elevate your health journey and unlock your full potential with this transformational workshop. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to maximize your WILDFIT experience!


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This “WILDFIT Bundle” can have a huge impact on your health this year. In fact, there was so much great material, that my team and I couldn’t decide what to cut.

So instead, we put together this epic “WILDFIT Bundle”, specifically designed to take your health to the next level. No matter where you are at, this bundle will help transform your health.

Maybe you are stuck, frustrated, and ready to give up on your health goals.

Or maybe you are tired of trying all of the fad diets and gaining the weight back?

Or maybe you are tired of using food to comfort stressful emotions?

Or maybe you are confused about what to eat and what is actually healthy?

This unique bundle covers everything from Mindset to Ending Sugar Cravings to Weight Release. It represents the combined wisdom of my favorite mentors and the sucess and missteps of my health journey.


Hello, I'm Dr. Ryan Wagner

Hi! I’m Dr. Ryan, I’m a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Registered Pharmacist, Certified WildFit Coach, Certified Mindvalley Holobody Coach, Certified 10X Fitness Coach and a Lifebook Leader.  I started my WILDFIT journey in 2017, and it’s been a game changer! Living the WILDFIT lifestyle has been such a blessing in my life. I have boundless energy and I sleep soundly. No more snoring! I no longer have cravings and I don’t need caffeine to get me through my day. My overall health has improved and my doctor has given me praise. May lab work came back with normal cholesterol numbers. I feel totally transformed and it’s such a joy to see the transformation that happens with my clients.

Dr. Ryan is Featured in:

Dr. Ryan Wagner received his WILDFIT coaching certification from WILDFIT founder Eric Edmedes and his team.  Dr. Ryan is also a certified AFMC Functional Medicine Practitioner, Certified 10X Fitness coach, and a Certified Mindvalley Holobody Coach.

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WildFit Grads Success Stories

Moyra Testimonial Circle

“I did the 90 day Wildfit program with Ryan and recommend him as a coach and expert in the fields of nutrition and functional medicine. He is extremely knowledgeable and supportive as you make your way through this challenging but highly rewarding program. I dropped 18lbs and feel sharper, lighter and better in every way. Wildfit will change the way I eat forever.”
– Moyra

Lauren Testimonial

“I was so amazed as I learned so much about eating correctly, what is really hidden in our foods including the organic ones and pairing the correct foods together! My skin glows, my blood pressure is fabulous, I sleep really well, I lost weight and inches off my body (I am wearing clothes I have not worn in 2 years), and all of my pain is gone in my hips and legs!!! Dr. Ryan Wagner is an incredible coach!

– Lauren

Randy Testimonial

WildFit turned my relationship with food around. In just 90 days, I’ve lost an incredible 28 pounds. Not only am I lighter, but my pain has considerably reduced, and my energy levels are better than ever. Now, I wake up every morning feeling rejuvenated, ready to take on the day. I am profoundly grateful to the WildFit and Dr. Ryan for his support and guidance. This program is truly life-changing.
– Randy

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WILDFIT is a transformative health program designed by Eric Edmeades to help individuals reset their relationship with food and establish healthy habits for life. It focuses on nourishing the body with nutrient-dense whole foods, balancing blood sugar levels, and practicing mindful eating habits.

Yes, you have lifetime access to the WildFit Dashboard.

Every week, you will receive a cooking demos and a set of recipes that perfectly align with the WildFit program. These resources are designed to add variety and excitement to your diet, introducing new ingredients, techniques, and global flavors. After the WildFit 90 Day Challenge, the journey doesn’t end there. You will have an exclusive opportunity to participate in a next-level workshop.

You have 7 days to try out the program. If you’re not satisfied we’ll refund your full payment.  If you have any specific concerns or questions about the program, feel free to reach out to our customer support team at They will be more than happy to assist you.


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