Free Workshop
with Dr. Ryan

Recharge Your Energy: Go from Surviving to Thriving

Say goodbye to adrenal fatigue and hello to boundless energy! Discover personalized strategies to overcome adrenal fatigue and reclaim vitality. This session will help you address symptoms like brain fog, insomnia, and stress.

Are you Tired of Being Tired? Ready to Break Free from Adrenal Fatigue?

If you’ve been struggling to keep up with the demands of daily life due to adrenal fatigue, you’re not alone. Join us for a transformative workshop where you’ll discover practical strategies to overcome adrenal fatigue and reclaim your vitality. With expert guidance and personalized insights, you’ll be empowered to take charge of your health and start thriving. Don’t let fatigue hold you back any longer – it’s time to break free and live your best life!

Here's what you'll learn:

What is Adrenal Fatigue? Understanding HPA Axis Dysfunction

What is adrenal fatigue and how it affects the body

Adrenal Fatigue - Overwhelm

The impact of stressors on adrenal health and energy levels

Get More Energy Naturally With WILDFIT

Strategies to manage and alleviate adrenal fatigue symptoms

Harnessing the Power of Mind-Body Practices

How mindset can play a crucial role in adrenal health

Adrenal Lab Testing

How functional labs can provide insights into your adrenal health 


Lifestyle changes and self-care practices to support adrenal health

Mark your calendar

Friday, May 3rd 5PM PT / 8PM ET


Meet the host

Hello, I'm Dr. Ryan Wagner

WildFit Coach Dr. Ryan Wagner

Dr. Wagner believes we have the power to create a life full of vitality within ourselves.

That’s why he’s dedicated to utilizing Functional Medicine to help others reverse the root cause of their chronic illness.

As your coach and accountability partner, Dr. Wagner will guide you in obtaining your vision of health.

Dr. Wagner is a Functional Medicine Practitioner, licensed pharmacist, Founder of Farmacy Counter, a Certified WILDFIT coach, Certified Mindvalley Holobody coach, Certified 10X Fitness Coach and a Lifebook Leader. 

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