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 Dr. Ryan will address common issues like sluggish metabolism, weight loss struggles, food cravings, low energy, and brain fog. Whether you’ve tried countless diets or found exercise alone insufficient, discover effective strategies.  A real-life case study with lab results will illustrate successful navigation through these challenges.  


Struggling with Nagging sugar cravings?

Join Dr. Ryan for a webinar on conquering sugar cravings and achieving weight loss without the need for willpower. Discover practical strategies to regain control over your diet, even if you feel out of control. Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock the secrets to a healthier lifestyle! 


Recharge Your Energy: From Burnout to Breakthrough

🌟 Ready to reclaim your vitality?  Discover personalized strategies to overcome burnout and unlock your true potential. With insights into adrenal support tailored to your needs, you’ll replenish energy reserves, enhance resilience, and embark on a path towards a brighter, more energized future. Don’t miss out – reserve your spot.

Meet Your Functional Medicine practioner

Hello, I'm Dr. Ryan Wagner

Dr. Ryan believes we have the power to create a life full of vitality within ourselves.

That’s why he’s dedicated to utilizing Functional Medicine to help others reverse the root cause of their chronic illness.

As your accountability partner, Dr. Wagner will guide you in obtaining your vision of health.

Dr. Wagner is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner,  Pharmacist, Founder of Farmacy Counter, WILDFIT coach,  Mindvalley Holobody coach, 10X Fitness Coach and a Lifebook Leader. 

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