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Nourish, Renew and Rebalance

After a long summer full of sunshine, swimming, and backyard cookouts, your body and mind might be feeling the strain.

While each of those things is wonderful, this can lead to a build-up of toxins in your body that make it hard to function! You might start to notice weight gain and an overall sluggishness that’s hard to explain away.

You might even feel exhausted, tired, and just unable to live life the way you really want to!

Those toxins and their results, whether internal or external, are hard to ignore when they begin to chip away at your energy and health and set you up for a harsh fall and winter season. 

BUT It’s not your fault…

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What You’ve Been


Isn't Working

Choosing the same types of food...

and drinks that have been part of your diet for years


your skincare routine each day.

Depriving the body ....

of food in an attempt to lose weight.

Ignoring un-processed foods....

in favor of comfort items that contain plenty of toxins.

skipping the signs....

that your health and energy are at risk.

What You 

Really Need Is

a reduction in toxins...

in your environment and your diet.

a structured plan...

that helps guide you through food choices and routines focused on your health and energy.

support with the challenges of ..

shifting your lifestyle to being cleaner and healthier - but not harder.

Vitamins and minerals....

that support your body's health and vitality

Resources to keep you focused..

and develop your understanding of how your body interacts with the food you eat and the world around you, so you can make better choices overall.

Cranberry Smoothie

And if you're thinking there is no way you're going to find all of that in one easy-to-follow program...

Let me tell you about.....

The Fall Detox

A holistic approach to flushing toxins, preparing you for the next season, and reclaiming your confidence in just two weeks.

Without calorie counting or starving yourself

Toxins affect every area of the body…. 

The Fall Detox Helps Your Body Flush Those Toxins, So You Get On The Right Track Towards Building Optimal Health.

And, naturally removing toxins from our system can reset all aspects: mental clarity, hormone balance, stress levels and more


You'll nourish your body and create healthy daily habits


You'll engage in some of the more advanced detoxing methods


You'll learn helpful cleansing practices

Join the Fall detox with

Dr. ryan Wagner

Hi! I’m Dr. Ryan, I’m a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Registered Pharmacist, Certified WildFit Coach, Certified Mindvalley Holobody Coach and a Certified 10X Fitness Coach.  I created The Fall Detox based on principles from the world’s leading Functional Medicine physicians, and what has worked for me and thousands of others every day. 

It is specifically designed to help you remove toxins to reset your entire body, help you balance your gut, hormones, and stress levels…

…..And help you live in an optimal state of flow and balance. 

When you join the Fall Detox Program, you gain access to all the educational materials you need to fully cleanse your body that will help flush out any toxins that are causing unpleasant symptoms.

Fall Detox Program Guide

Detox Program

In-depth 46 page guide that gives you the what, why, and how of every detoxing step that’s easy to reference even after the 2 weeks is up.

VALUE $ 50

Fall Detox Food Diary


Tracking your meals with a food diary allows you an outlet for sharing your feelings and recording your meals.

VALUE $ 10

Two Recipe Guides

Specific foods and recipes to nourish your body and replenish your nutrients.

  • 69 Omnivore Recipes
  • 68 Vegetarian Recipes

VALUE $ 100

Fall Detox Omnivore
Fall Detox Vegetarian
Fall Detox Omnivore Meals


Suggested meals so you don’t have to worry about which foods to eat for diet support.

VALUE $ 40

Fall Detox Vegetarian Meals


Make shopping a breeze with this handy shopping list. 

VALUE $ 10

Fall Detox Questionnaire


Check your progress before and after the detox.

VALUE $ 10

In this world of overwhelm and chaos, not many of us take the time to step back and really look at what’s going on with our bodies.

So what if you did?

What if you took the time to really address the core of why your energy is zapped, you’re bloated all the time, and your health is struggling. 

Download the app and start exploring

Connect With Dr. Wagner

Dr. Wagner uses the Practice Better app to connect with you on your Fall Detox journey. With the HIPPA Compliant app you can:

  • Access course materials
  • Access daily food and lifestyle journals
  • Set Tasks and Reminders
  • Use bar code scanning for popular foods and beverages
  • Message Dr. Wagner
  • Integrate Fitbit
  • Set goals and More!


You’ll also get access to exclusive bonuses:

Bonus #1 Unlimited Laser Coaching Sessions

With Dr. ryan Wagner

Get the support and expertise you need to personalize the detox.  Value $500

Bonus #2

Daily Support

Receive daily emails and short videos for education, support and encouragement throughout the detox. Value $200

Start Your Detox Journey Today

Fall Detox

14 Day Journey
$ 199
  • Detox Program Guide
  • Omnivore Recipe Guide
  • Vegetarian Recipe Guide
  • Suggested Meals
  • Shopping List
  • Food Diary
  • Pre/Post Questionnaire
  • Bonus #1 Unlimited Laser Coaching With Dr. Ryan Wagner
  • Bonus #2 Daily Support


The Fall Detox Program is 14 days.

The Fall Detox Program is completely digital, so you will not receive anything in the mail

When you purchase the Fall Detox Program, you get lifetime access to the current materials.

The Fall Detox Program is completely digital, and you get immediate access to the materials, meaning there is no way to “return” the product, so I do not offer refunds once a purchase is made

This is a clean eating food plan and is WildFit friendly. Omnivore and vegetarian recipes are included. Recipes include a variety of beverages, dairy free milks, juices, smoothies, breakfasts, protein balls, soups, dips, dressings, lunches, dinners, and desserts.