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What is

Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine takes a whole body systems approach to health and wellness. By identifying and addressing the root cause of dis-ease, the body will naturally return to balance. Functional Medicine utilizes cutting edge labs, botanicals, supplements, detox programs, and stress management techniques tailored to your unique needs.

Step One

Initial Functional Medicine Consultation

WildFit Coach Dr. Ryan Wagner

get to know each other

All individual coaching programs at Farmacy Counter begin with an initial consultation with Dr. Ryan Wagner. This is an opportunity for you to discuss your unique health history and vision for your health.


Dr. Wagner's personalized approach prioritizes nutrition first and will guide you to take charge of your health. Together you will work to create a plan to support your body's natural ability to heal.

determining your goals

Set goals for your unique needs. Identify critical imbalances and address root causes of your symptoms. Learn tools to implement lifestyles changes.

Our Philosophy

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Helping You Thrive

We are committed to identifying the unique underlying root cause of your symptoms to help you feel your best. We provide you with individualized care and support and honor your unique journey.

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Get Well, Stay Well

After identifying the root source of illness and restoring health function, we want to help you STAY well. Together we create a sustainable plan that works for you.

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Backed by Science

We take a science based approach that is backed by detailed clinical research. We integrate the best functional lab testing into your healing journey.

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Connect With Dr. Wagner

Dr. Wagner uses the Practice Better app to connect with you on your wellness journey. With the HIPPA Compliant app you can:

  • Access daily food and lifestyle journals
  • Set Tasks and Reminders
  • Use bar code scanning for popular foods and beverages
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Message Dr. Wagner
  • Integrate Fitbit
  • Set goals and More!

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We all have unique needs and goals. Personalization is key.

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Questions And Answers

Please be prepared to answer the phone at your scheduled time. Be ready to make changes. Transformation requires action. Be ready to invest in your health. 

There’s no preset agenda. Time is devoted to you to share your story. Dr. Wagner will discuss the interconnectedness of your symptoms, challenges and any concerns you may have.

No, may foundational aspects of health can be addressed without labs. However, testing not guessing can speed up the healing process.  

Yes, Dr. Wagner will work with you to address your unique health needs. 

Reach out to Dr. Wagner anytime between sessions through email or the Practice Better app. He’s here to support you on your healing journey. You can also schedule a free 15 minute discovery session here.

Dr Wagner has been studying functional medicine for over a decade. He has clinical experience coaching clients for over 15 years. He can be found on the Institute for Functional Medicine’s website here. He has also received certification through AFMC here.

Dr. Wagner will send you specific recommendations for you through online dispensary Fullscript. You can also purchase supplements from your local retailer. 

Acute care lacks the time and tools for preventing and treating complex chronic disease. The body will naturally heal when each individuals unique root causes are identified and addressed.

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