5 Things That Sabotage Sleep

5 Things That Sabotage Sleep

Who doesn’t want better sleep? It’s the key to more energy, weight loss, mental clarity, and just feeling GOOD. Unfortunately, there are a few things that can sabotage our sleep and make it harder for us to get that much needed rest.

Check your habits first. Do you do any of these 5 things that could be secretly ruining your sleep?

Alcohol. Even though alcohol initially calms the nervous system, it disrupts the normal phases of the sleep cycle as it wears off during the night.  It also increases the risk of sleep apnea, snoring and night time awakenings.

Sugar. Eating sweets and refined carbohydrates causes blood sugar fluctuations that disrupt sleep.  So try to avoid eating sugary snacks and drinks before bedtime.

Technology. Screens from cell phones, tablets and computers emit blue light which interrupts the production of melatonin (the sleep hormone). Make sure to turn off all devices an hour or two before bedtime for better quality sleep.

Late-day caffeine. It can take up to 10 hours for caffeine to completely clear from your system, so pay attention to when you drink that last sip of coffee.

Sitting around. Movement and exercise are key to healthy hormones, a regulated internal clock, and quality sleep. So try to break sedentary habits like sitting in front of the tv or computer by going for a walk several times a day.

Before you grab a pill (even something natural), take a look at these habits and see if you notice better sleep when you stop them. It could be the key to finally getting more restful sleep. Good luck!

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