Overlooked Causes Of Insulin Resistance

Overlooked Causes Of Insulin Resistance

Before a person ever meets the medical criteria for a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, invisible changes are going on in the body—including insulin resistance. 

But here’s the thing. 

Insulin resistance doesn’t just happen out of the blue. It’s not just genetics or fate. 

Here are 3 often overlooked root causes of insulin resistance (and when you discover these things, you have the power to change them!):

1️⃣ Visceral Fat

Fat that builds up around the internal organs (instead of just under the skin) is called visceral fat. The fat cells in visceral fat release hormones and inflammatory chemicals that drive insulin resistance. The biggest outward clue that visceral fat exists is an increase in waist size. 

2️⃣ Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Mitochondria are the powerhouses of cells. They are the place where sugars and other macronutrients are transformed into energy. Mitochondrial dysfunction means that cells cannot burn sugar as well. Mitochondria are highly susceptible to damage from free radicals and toxins, so we can protect them by loading up on antioxidants and supporting detoxification. 

3️⃣ Inflammation

Obesity is associated with a state of low-grade inflammation, which can even affect parts of the brain that produce leptin, the hormone that makes you feel full. If inflammation leads to leptin resistance, then a person might consume more sugar than the body can handle—without feeling full. 

Most people know that being overweight and not exercising can increase the risk of insulin resistance and diabetes. 

🧠 Now you know what’s happening at the cellular level in the body. 

And knowledge is power. Because the better we understand the body, the better we are able to support it in returning to health. 

Stay tuned for my next two posts. I’ll be sharing lifestyle changes to reverse insulin resistance and some of my favorite supplements for blood sugar support.

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