Spotlight on Glutamine

Spotlight on Glutamine

Glutamine (also called l-glutamine) is an amino acid that our bodies can make and that is present in many foods. So, why might some people benefit from consuming additional glutamine as a supplement? 

Let’s look at 3 health benefits of glutamine:

1️⃣ Immune Health

Glutamine is a critical source of fuel for immune cells. That’s why after an injury, illness, or surgery, the demand for glutamine increases. If enough glutamine isn’t being consumed, the body will break down protein stores (like muscle) to release more. 

2️⃣ Gut Health

Glutamine is also a critical fuel source for intestinal cells. It supports the barrier function of the intestines (keeping toxins and large molecules from passing into circulation). That means it’s protective against leaky gut and can be healing to the intestinal lining. 

3️⃣ Detoxification

Glutamine is one of the 3 amino acids that combine together to create glutathione—a master antioxidant important for detoxification. That means if glutamine is depleted, detoxification will slow down. 

Glutamine is most often supplemented in powder form because it’s hard to get enough by taking small capsules. Supplementing about 3 grams per day is common. 

👣 Every person is unique. Some people have a higher demand for specific nutrients because of their lifestyle, stress, or medical conditions. 

💊 I am not a fan of filling your cupboard with unnecessary supplements, but the right ones? Those can be transformational. 

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