Supplement Spotlight: Curcumin


Quick question for you:

How often do you eat curry?

If your answer is anything less than EVERY DAY, then listen up. 

Curry gets its deep orange color from turmeric—a spice in the ginger family used extensively in traditional Indian dishes. And the most bioactive compound in turmeric? 


Curcumin may come from a traditional Indian spice, but thousands of scientific research articles over the years have explored the mechanisms of curcumin—and how it interacts with cellular and metabolic pathways in the human body. 

Here are just 5 of the many known health benefits of curcumin:

Antioxidant Defense

Curcumin is most widely known for its antioxidant actions. Three key antioxidant enzymes in the human body (SOD, catalase, and glutathione) can all be boosted by curcumin—meaning it acts through several pathways to fight oxidative stress.  

Inflammatory Pathways

Curcumin interacts with signaling molecules and cellular pathways to support a healthy inflammatory response. Some studies have found it to support healthy CRP levels, while others have found it helpful for individuals with inflammatory conditions. 

Mood Support

Double-blind studies in humans suggest that curcumin supplementation may help to alleviate anxiety and be supportive for those with low mood. 

Liver Detoxification

Through its antioxidant actions, curcumin can powerfully support liver detoxification function, with some studies suggesting it also supports healthy levels of liver enzymes. 

Healthy Aging

Free radical damage and inflammation are central mechanisms in the process of aging, making curcumin a popular supplement for healthy aging. 

For anybody who is interested in these benefits and not already eating curry every day, curcumin supplementation is an option. 

Just one caveat:

Not all curcumin supplements are the same! Curcumin is not well absorbed from the digestive tract on its own, so higher quality supplements combine it with additional compounds (like piperine or various lipids) to improve absorption. 

Supplements can be incredibly beneficial to support health and wellness—as long as they are chosen carefully and sourced from reliable companies.

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