Top 3 Supplements to Optimize Energy

Top 3 Supplements to optimize energy

When clients come to me feeling tired and fatigued, I never just give a supplement and call it done.  ⭐Be sure to read my recent post on getting to the root cause here. ⭐

But it’s such a common question I get from people who want more energy and clarity throughout the day that I thought I’d share some of my favorite supplements:


Coenzyme Q10 is required for energy production at the cellular level. Some of the foods highest in CoQ10 are organ meats and fatty fish, so supplements might be helpful if you don’t eat these foods.


Reishi and other medicinal mushrooms are adaptogens, meaning they support the body’s energy production and resilience to stress. Reishi can be taken as pills or as a powder mixed into coffee or tea.

3️⃣B Complex

Vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B12 are needed for many different enzyme systems to work—particularly those involved in energy metabolism. 

Also remember—not all supplements are created equal! Some have fillers, additives, and artificial colors. Others use cheaper and lower quality forms. It’s best to purchase from manufacturers you know you can trust.

If you’re experiencing fatigue, brain fog, or other symptoms that are impacting your quality of life, don’t wait any longer to get the help you need. It’s time to stop guessing and start taking action. Contact Dr. Ryan  today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards feeling your best. With comprehensive testing and targeted solutions, he can help you pinpoint the underlying factors contributing to your fatigue and create a roadmap to recovery. So why wait? Contact Dr. Ryan now and regain your energy 🙌

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