Low Cost Produce: The Eat Well For Less Series

Low Cost Produce Eating Well For Less

One of the most effective ways to eat well for less is to be mindful of the produce you buy. Putting your focus on long-lasting and less expensive produce is a great way to reduce food waste and spend less on nutritious fruits and veggies. These long-lasting, less expensive options include carrots, cabbage, apples, potatoes, celery, onions, melons, oranges, etc.

Many pantry items can also be purchased in the bulk aisle of your grocery store, saving you even more money—stock up on nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices. In fact, growing your herbs and spices, or at least the ones you use the most, can save you a great deal of money and provide a fresher taste. These are simple to grow on your windowsill. If you have the luxury of an outdoor space for gardening, you could even expand to grow some of your most consumed vegetables.

Another helpful strategy for buying healthy, whole foods for less is to purchase produce that’s in season. In-season items are less expensive and they’re more flavorful at their peak of freshness. Keep a list of what’s in season on your refrigerator to keep those items fresh in your mind when writing your grocery list.

Low Cost Produce

Action Steps:

Print the given list (in the workbook below) of low-cost produce and produce in season for your fridge. Highlight your favorites.

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