5 Ways To Cultivate Positivity

5 Ways To Cultivate Positivity

Having a positive mindset can help you better respond to stress, feel more confident, and even improve your health.

But if your brain has a tendency toward negativity, it’s not as easy as flipping a switch to “be positive.” 


Cultivating a positive mindset has to be intentional and can take some work. Let’s look at some ideas…

1️⃣ Create a Gratitude Routine

Give yourself a reminder to take note of something you are thankful for each day. This could be as simple as having a post-it note on the mirror or could be a routine of journaling each night. 

2️⃣ Choose Your Company Carefully

Positivity is contagious. Say no to activities that involve people who make you feel down and yes to spending time with those who give you a happy vibe. 

3️⃣ Look for Opportunities

Feeling stuck or like roadblocks keep being thrown in your path? Shift your focus to find the opportunity in the moment. Much about positivity has to do with where you choose to focus your thoughts. 

4️⃣ Check Your Thoughts

Take a moment to pause throughout the day and check on what you’re thinking. If your thoughts are negative (like “I can’t do this” or “there’s no way this will work”), get creative. Reframe those thoughts for the positive (like “I’ll see if I can learn” or “I’ll try to make it work”). 

5️⃣ Laugh (and Forgive) Yourself

Everyone makes mistakes. Brush it off, accept that you are not perfect, and move on. Having grace, acceptance, and forgiveness for yourself go a long way in cultivating positivity. 

I challenge you to read this list again. Do any of the ideas resonate with you? 

If you can commit to adding one of these habits into your routine every day for a month, you may start to see some shifts toward a more positive outlook in all areas of your life. 

By cultivating positivity in your life, you can create a more joyful existence for yourself and those around you. If you’re looking for ways to get started, we highly recommend joining Dr. Ryan for LIfebook Premium. Sign up today and start reaping the benefits of living a more positive life!

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