Pineapple Shrimp Rice

Pineapple Shrimp Rice

Are you ready for a tasty treat? Let’s take the flavors of pineapple, shrimp, and rice and combine them into a deliciously flavorful dish that is sure to become one of your favorites. With just a few simple ingredients and easy steps, this Pineapple Shrimp Rice will soon be your go-to meal for any occasion! Packed with plenty of flavor from the tart pineapple and savory shrimp – this unique dish is perfect to serve up at dinner parties or casually enjoy during an evening in. So what are you waiting for? Grab your skillet and let’s get started on creating this delicious meal!


Serves 4

6.5 oz. uncooked Jasmine rice

1 tsp. coconut oil

1½ lbs. jumbo shrimp, peeled

salt & black pepper

1 red bell pepper, chopped (or use a mix of colors)

For the sauce:

14 oz. can pineapple, reserve all liquid

juice from 1 orange

2 tbsp. tomato ketchup

1 tbsp. fresh ginger

2 tbsp. Coconut aminos sauce

1½ tbsp. arrowroot + 1 tbsp. water, mixed

To garnish:

4 tbsp. cilantro, chopped

1 tbsp. sesame seeds

How to Prepare

Cook the rice according to instructions on the packaging.

Transfer all of the liquid from the canned pineapple into a mixing bowl, place the pineapple aside. Add the remaining ingredients for the sauce into the pineapple juice and mix well.

Heat the coconut oil in a large skillet or wok over medium-high heat, and add the shrimp. Season with salt & pepper and cook for 2-3 minutes. Add the bell pepper and cook for a further 2 minutes.

Reduce the heat to medium and pour in the sauce, then add in the arrowroot mixture and stir immediately.

Stir in the cooked rice and serve with a garnish of cilantro and sesame seeds.

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