How To Avoid Weight Loss Pitfalls With WILDFIT

Avoid Weight Loss Pitfalls with WILDFIT

Losing weight can be a daunting task. There are so many things to think about – what to eat, how much to exercise, and whether or not you’re doing everything correctly. It’s easy to make mistakes along the way that can sabotage your weight loss goals. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the most common weight loss pitfalls and how you can avoid them with WILDFIT.


One of the most common weight loss pitfalls is not getting enough nutrients. When you’re trying to lose weight, it’s important to make sure that you’re getting enough calories and nutrients to fuel your body. If you’re not eating enough, your body will start to break down muscle for energy, which can lead to weight gain. To avoid this, make sure you’re eating a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, and protein.


Another weight loss pitfall is not getting enough sleep. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body doesn’t have time to recover from your workouts and can start to break down muscle for energy. This can lead to weight gain and make it harder to lose weight. To avoid this, make sure you’re getting at least eight hours of quality sleep per night.


Not exercising enough or exercising too much is another common mistake that people make while attempting to lose weight.  Exercise is essential for health – it helps to burn calories and build muscle. However, many people aren’t doing the correct form of exercises or not getting enough intentional movement. This might cause weight gain or make it more difficult to lose weight.


Not staying motivated is another common pitfall. Losing weight takes time and effort, and it’s easy to get discouraged when you don’t see results right away. To avoid this, focus on getting healthier, not the number on the scale. Weight is a terrible measure of success when you’re trying to improve your health. There are so many factors that go into weight, and it doesn’t show how much healthier you’re becoming. Instead, focus on other measures such as how you feel, your energy levels, how well you’re sleeping, and your overall mood.

Healthy Cooking


Another common weight loss pitfall is not drinking enough water. When you’re trying to lose weight, it’s important to stay hydrated to help your body function properly. If you’re not drinking enough water, your body will hold onto water weight and you may even gain weight. To avoid this, make sure you’re drinking eight glasses of water per day.


Not setting an intention is another weight loss pitfall. What is your “why” for wanting to lose weight? If you don’t have a strong enough reason, it’ll be hard to stay motivated. Make sure your intention is something that you’re passionate about and that will keep you going even when the going gets tough.


Not having a solid structure and plan in place is another pitfall.  Without a plan, it’s easy to make poor food choices and not exercise properly. To avoid this, make sure you have a clear goal in mind and a plan to help you reach that goal. Set realistic goals and expectations, and be prepared to put in the work to reach your goals.


Finally, one of the most common weight loss pitfalls is not seeking help when you need it. Trying to lose weight on your own can be difficult and frustrating. If you’re struggling to lose weight or keep it off, consider joining a group program or private coaching with Dr. Ryan as your guide.

Weight Loss With WILDFIT

Avoiding these weight loss pitfalls is easy with the WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge.  Dr. Ryan will help you to set realistic goals, create a structure and plan that works for you, and provide the support you need to reach your goals. You’ll also learn about foods to support you, as well as how to exercise properly for weight loss.

If you’re ready to lose weight and improve your health, sign up for the WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge today!

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