WildFit Back to Spring Mini Challenge
will get you back on track in just 3 weeks.

for Graduates
of WildFit

Unlimited Laser Coaching Calls

Get the support and expertise you need to personalize Back To Spring with Certified WILDFIT Coach Dr. Ryan Wagner.  Receive unlimited laser coaching sessions for 3 weeks. 

Plus, You'll get Three Bonus WildFit Meal Plans

Wildfit meatatarian meal plan

WILDFIT Meatatarian Meal Plan

Pescatarian Menu

WILDFIT Pescatarian Meal Plan

WildFit Vegetarian Meal Plan

WILDFIT Vegetarian Meal Plan

Support Team

You’ll be supported the entire time.

Dr. Wagner will guide you every step of the way. Schedule calls at your convenience.


Laser Coaching

Dr. Ryan Wagner will coach you every step of the way!  This will help keep you motivated and inspired through your journey.

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Dr. Ryan Wagner, Certified WildFit Health Coach and Founder of Farmacy Counter

 Functional Medicine Practitioner & Certified WildFit Coach

You will have daily access to Dr. Ryan Wagner and Farmacy Counter’s team.  Get the support and expertise you need.  This alone can easily cost $250+ per hour!


We will work together to find out what makes you feel your best. Dr. Ryan takes a holistic approach to health.


Private FaceBook Group
WildFit Six Hungers

Program Curriculum

Join Dr. Wagner for unlimited laser  coaching calls. Weekly enhancements and next level details on how to liven the spring season.  Additional resources to expand your knowledge.  Meal Plans for vegetarians, meat-atarians, and pescatarians with recipes.  Optional exercise challenges to increase your intentional movement.  

WildFit Back to Spring Challenge

3 Week Program
$ 199 Single Payment
  • Exclusively for Graduates of WildFit
  • Unlimited Laser Coaching Calls for 3 Weeks
  • 3 Week Program
  • BONUS Three different Meal Plans
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