10 Signs Your Body Needs A Detox

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Most people don’t know that cleansing and detoxing your body is one of the most important things you can do for your health. It’s true: toxins from food, our environment and even our own bodies, can build up in our cells and cause all sorts of problems. This blog post will go over 10 different signs that indicate it might be time to take a break from the world and give your body a much-needed detox!

Trouble Losing Weight

If you can’t lose weight despite eating healthily, it’s an indication your body needs a detox. The reason you’re not seeing results could be because your body is struggling to break down and eliminate the toxins that are preventing it from functioning optimally. Toxicity is very often a key contributing root cause behind the scenes, for 99% of people it’s not about a single acute exposure, its about a slow steady state incremental addition of toxins to the body as a result of overload. Either the body doesn’t have all the different nutrients that it needs in order to process the toxins that we encounter, or the body may be readily stocked but its simply overwhelmed by the persistent load, the persistent demand for detoxification.


If you feel tired and fatigued most of the day and need a stimulant like caffeine or an energy drink, chances are your body needs a detox. Drinking energy drinks will only worsen the fatigue. These energy drinks are chockfull of caffeine and other chemicals that may dehydrate you, increase blood pressure and cause over stimulation that will over time make you tired and fatigued. They actually deplete your body of nutrients and water. When we’re dehydrated or nutrient deficient our bodies compensate by increasing cortisol levels. A detox is a great way to rid the body of all these harmful chemicals and give your body the nutrients it needs.


Not having a daily bowel movement is a sign that you need a detox. Toxins are eliminated in the stool. If the digestive tract is sluggish, toxins are reabsorbed into the bloodstream and the body has to process the toxins again! This increases the body’s toxic load and can make you feel tired, fatigued and generally unwell.


One of the triggers of headaches or migraines can be from a build up of toxins. The nerves in our body are responsible for sending information to the brain about what is going on in the body, and when toxins build up this interrupts that process causing pain. Detoxifying the system will help to remove these toxins from the blood stream, which means less strain on the nervous system. If you are suffering from regular headaches or migraines, a detox may help to get rid of the toxins that are triggering the headaches.


If you’re feeling bloated, it’s likely because of all the gas that is being produced as a result of an unbalanced microbiome and toxins in your digestive tract. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it can also be embarrassing! Eating a fiber rich diet during a detox will help to rebalance the microbiome.

Skin Rashes

One way our body tries to get rid of toxins is by excreting them through our skin. Skin problems like acne, rashes, and dry patches are all indicators that a detox is needed. It is also important that we all take note of what products we use on our skin that could be increasing our toxic burden.

Trouble Sleeping

Toxic buildup interferes with your circadian rhythm by lowering levels of melatonin, which causes the body to sleep. Melatonin is vital to the body; it helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle, boosts your immune system and increases production of human growth hormone. Detoxing can help support restful sleep.

Brain Fog

If you’ve been feeling like your thinking is a little fuzzy lately, it might be because of toxins. We live in a world full of pollutants, chemicals and toxins. These pollutants and toxins start accumulating in the body and can cause difficulty with concentrating or with focus.

White Tongue

A white or yellow tongue is often a sign that your body is struggling to eliminate toxins. That’s because the bacteria on the tongue can be used as an indicator of how well our bodies are detoxifying. A white tongue is the result of bacteria, yeast colonies and/or fungal growth on surface of the tongue. A yellow tongue, on the other hand, is often a sign of poor oral hygiene. The bacteria on your tongue feast on the food particles that are left behind after you eat. As these bacteria break down the food, they release a foul-smelling sulfur compound that can turn your tongue yellow. A detox can help to rebalance the microbiome and improve the health of the mouth.

Puffy Eyes

Your eyes can reveal a lot about you. You may suffer from puffy eyes after a night of partying or when you aren’t getting enough sleep. Puffy eyes occur when the lymphatic system becomes overwhelmed and can’t drain away the toxins that have built up around the delicate tissues around your eyes. A detox program can help to improve the function of your lymphatic system and reduce the puffiness around your eyes.

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