Your App Toolkit: The Eat Well For Less Series

Apps eat well for less

The strategies you’ve learned this week will help you eat well for less, and the tools I want to share with you today will assist you in making it even easier on your wallet and schedule.

We know that grocery shopping with a list helps us stay on budget, and having a grocery list app can further streamline your shopping. Some grocery list apps you can download include Our Groceries, and AnyList.

If you need some help creating that grocery list, you can use a meal planning app such as eMeals, and PlateJoy, You’ll find recipe ideas and even be able to generate a shopping list based on the meals you choose for that week. These apps come in extra handy when you feel uninspired in the kitchen.

Another aspect of eating well for less is having a well-stocked pantry, knowing what you have (so you don’t buy unnecessary extras), and utilizing your pantry items to your advantage. Pantry Check is an app that allows you to catalog what you have on hand easily. Next time you’re at the grocery store and wondering if you have mustard at home, you can quickly know the answer. Pantry Check also notifies you when your pantry items are expiring soon, so they don’t go to waste.

Last but not least in the eating well for less toolbox — a grocery deals app that helps you get the best prices on your groceries. Flipp is an app that will find you the best deals on your groceries. You can also use this app to help you with your freezer/pantry stash. When you find items you regularly use on sale (especially BOGO), grab a few extras to stash away.

Apps eating well for less

When you combine the strategies we spoke about this week, you’ll find eating well doesn’t have to cost a fortune. What strategy are you most excited about?

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