Foods That Help You Sleep

Foods That Help You Sleep

I don’t recommend eating right before bed. It can disrupt digestion, slow your metabolism, and contribute to weight gain.

But if you find yourself feeling hungry early in the evening and want a snack that will support better sleep, here are some backed by science:

🥜Foods high in magnesium (to calm the nervous system):




Chia Seeds

🥣 Foods containing tryptophan (to make serotonin):


Sesame Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds

🍒 Foods that support melatonin production:





Tart Cherry Juice

Lastly, drinking chamomile tea before bed can help reduce anxiety and aid in a good night’s rest.

All of these foods are healthy, natural sleep-promoting options that can help you wind down before bed and get the best night’s sleep possible. Try incorporating these into your evening routine for best results!

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