Juicing During the Holidays

Juicing During the Holidays

Juicing is a great way to get in some extra nutrients during the holiday season.  When you juice, you are able to get lots of fruits, veggies, and herbs into your body, but it can also replace meals or other beverages when you are in a rush. No sugar is added, so it allows you to have something sweet without all the extra calories. Try some of these seasonal juicing recipes.

Beet Red Juice

The winter fruits and vegetables in this healthy juice are combined to give you a tasty, natural red drink. The color comes from one ingredient – beets or beetroot- but it also makes it feel festive which is great for celebrating during the holiday season. To prepare this juice use:

  •  Beets or beetroot
  •  Plums that have had the seeds removed
  •  Red apples
  •  Kale leaves

Use any ratio of ingredients that you like. If you are new to juicing add more apples and plums. 

Add all of the ingredients to the juicer, and give it a little stir after all juice has been extracted. 

Cherry Apple Juice

This cold, refreshing drink is the perfect way to beat winter blues when you don’t have many ingredients on hand. It also has that reddish color all of us crave during these months!

All you need for this simple juice are some cherries that have been rinsed and pitted, and some cored and sliced red apples. The quantity of each depends on which flavor you are going for. For a glass of juice, you shouldn’t need more than 2 apples and a few handfuls of cherries to make the juice.

Green Juice

Here is a recipe for the perfect festive green juice, which is both healthy and fun. To make it green, you just need to add plenty of greens to the juice, such as kale and spinach. You can also add some celery, then go with some fruits that will sweeten up the juice, such as apples, oranges, lime, or cranberries.

Cranberry Kale Juice

Cranberry Kale Juice is a healthy, nutritious drink that can be enjoyed throughout the winter months. Kale is a superfood, so it adds color as well as nutrition to your juice. Cranberries are a popular holiday fruit which are in season during the fall and winter. You can then add any other produce or herbs you like, such as some ginger to make it even more seasonal.

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