Roasted Broccolini

Roasted Broccolini

Are you looking for a healthy side dish to serve up at dinner? Roasted Broccolini is a delicious and nutritious choice that your family is sure to love. Not only does it make the perfect accompaniment to any entrée, it’s also quick and easy to prepare. The beautiful emerald green color creates an appealing presentation on the plate while helping you get in an extra serving of veggies with minimal preparation. Plus, roasting brings out the sweet nutty flavor of broccolini making it a flavorful addition to your meal! Let’s take a closer look at how this veggie dish comes together so your family can enjoy all its goodness soon.


2 bunches broccolini, washed

2 Tbs olive oil

2 tsp garlic, chopped

1/2 lemon

salt, to taste

pepper, to taste

How to Prepare

Preheat oven to 425°F. 

Spread a sheet pan with parchment paper and lay broccolini on it.

Drizzle with olive oil and add garlic, salt and pepper and rub with your hands. Make sure you rub each piece of broccolini with oil and seasoning.

Roast for about 12-15 minutes checking a least once.

Serve immediately with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

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